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Kedu ihe kpatara ịhọrọ 308nm ultraviolet phototherapy ngwaọrụ

Maachị 29, 2024 Onye mbipụta:

With the development of science and technology over the years, everyone has begun to accept a common fact. The lighting source at home has changed from incandescent lamps to fluorescent lamps and now LED lamps. I believe that everyone must choose LED when choosing lighting method now. The advantages are self-evident, energy saving, durability, stable spectrum and low heat generation. So what are the advantages of LED ultraviolet light therapy?  We are also here to list and explain the advantages of LED308 ultraviolet light therapy device.

How should patients with vitiligo choose 308 ultraviolet phototherapy device?

1. The light source of the LED308 ultraviolet phototherapy device adopts imported LED chips, which have the characteristics of high intensity, high stability and long life.


2. Spectrum: As a medical-grade light source output, the purity of the spectrum must be guaranteed. Precise 308nm band stable and efficient output ensures curative effect.

3. Service life: Patients who have used lamp-type phototherapy devices should know that the effective life of the lamp tube of the phototherapy device is 500 hours. With the development of LED, the LED308 ultraviolet phototherapy device can now achieve an effective life of 10,000 hours, which greatly reduces the amortized cost of using the phototherapy device and solves worries.

4. Portable: small in size and light in weight, it can be carried anywhere.

5. Ease of use: It has timing control function, which eliminates the trouble of time calculation and improves accuracy.

6. Charging design: Built-in high energy density lithium battery, the battery is strong and stable.

7. Environmental protection: The whole machine is designed with low voltage and high strength, and no harmful gas will leak during operation.

8. Economical: There are no restrictions such as time cards, and it is economical and affordable.
Response of 308 ultraviolet phototherapy device in vitiligo treatment

The 308 ultraviolet phototherapy device uses ultraviolet rays to irradiate the white spot affected areas in the treatment of vitiligo. Generally speaking, the skin of patients with vitiligo will turn slightly red after being exposed to ultraviolet rays. This is a normal reaction and does not require treatment. However, due to the different skin sensitivity of each patient, some patients will experience redness, itching, blistering, etc. after irradiation, which indicates that the irradiation dose is too large, and patients should pay attention to timely adjustments.


308 ultraviolet light therapy device

Symptoms of patients who improved after 308 ultraviolet irradiation

After irradiation, the white spots on the patient's body turn black and gradually shrink, indicating that the condition has improved and the patient should persist in the treatment.

If the patient sees that the white spots on the body are getting whiter, this is not an aggravation of the disease, but an increase in melanin at the edge of the white spots. The boundaries between the white spots and the surrounding skin are clear, and the white spots are whiter than in the past. There are also some invisible white spots that will appear after irradiation, making the white spots look much whiter than before irradiation. it `s just normal. Patients should not interrupt treatment at will.

Symptoms of patients who improved after 308 ultraviolet irradiation

Precautions for patients after 308 ultraviolet phototherapy exposure

After irradiation, patients should pay attention to keeping the affected area clean and dry, and should not contact water immediately to avoid affecting the recovery of the disease.

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